Nathaniel Grammel

I am a Computer Science student, currently at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering. I recently completed the requirements for the BS and MS degrees at NYU Tandon. I wrote my Master's Thesis on approximation algorithms under the guidance of Lisa Hellerstein.

My research interests lie primarily in theoretical computer science. Specific topics of interest include approximation algorithms, computational complexity, and learning theory.

My university email address is {first initial, last name} at nyu dot edu


Teaching Experience

This semester, I am teaching Recitations for MA-UY 2314 (Discrete Mathematics) at NYU Tandon.

I am proud to have worked as a peer tutor for NYU's Opportunity Programs (formerly NYU-Poly's HEOP). I tutored fellow students in a variety of Computer Science and Mathematics courses. I have tutored virtually all required undergraduate CS coursees at one point or another, as well as many Math courses.

In addition to tutoring, I have been a teaching assistant for various courses. These courses include (all at NYU Tandon SOE):

My CV is available as a PDF here
Some Personal Stuff